Feature article: The capitol Veterans park Memories within

3 03 2012

      This structure was made in memories of all veterans who fought for their country, the famous quote of Mcarthur “I shall return” mark in the heart of filipino, This building was built in 1918 among the casualties of the war.
The lingayen gulf was defended by filipinos and american force, Heavy bombing of japanese forces created massive destruction among village, town, and coastal area of lingayen, Battleship and cruisers exist in the shore of lingayen.
After the war, resident of the coastal town returned to their damaged homes, American landed on the shore to give supplies and medicine to the filipino. People came out to cheer the Americans. This war created a huge impact in the living of filipino people.
What difference does it make to the dead, the orphan and the homeless, weather the mad destruction under the name of liberty and demorcracy.




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